Top 8 website to Learn Indian Stock Market
Top 8 website to Learn Indian Stock Market

Top 8 websites to Learn Indian Stock Market

Friends, today this internet world all the thing has been very easy and accessible. In India lots of people investing in Indian stock market. To updated with current news and market situations we need all the data in our hand. These websites are very helpful to who are searching how to invest and how to earn money in stocks. So today I am going to talk about the top 8 website to learn about stock market.

Top websites for stock market

1. NSE India

This is the National Stock Exchange’s official webpage (NSE). All the firms registered on the NSE Market’s stock exchange have access to financial data and stock quotations. This website offers factual and regularly updated information.  We can always access financial information about any firm, including quarterly reports, shareholding patterns, bulk/block trade details, etc., on this website if you can’t find somewhere else since the company is required to submit its financial reports to the exchanges.

The largest stock exchange is National Stock Exchange of India Limited, which is controlled by a number of local and international financial organisations, as well as by both publicly and privately traded companies and individuals. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is where it is situated.

2. BSE India

It resembles NSE India. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s website is located at BSE India (BSE). In terms of the majority of the material, this website complements NSE India. We may learn more on this website. The BSE lists more companies than the NSE.

On BSE India, we can discover any kind of information pertaining to listed firms. such as market news, index charts and company information, public offerings, public issues, corporations, investors, IPOs, domestic and international investors, etc. Here, we may easily examine financial information including stock quotations, quarterly reports, shareholding patterns, and bulk and block deal details.


Every investor should know about this website. It is very helpful to learn about stock market and here we can find all the data related with listed companies. For beginner it is very easy and simple website. Everyone can easily understand it and options in this website is very easy to find. Here we can costmise our screen and we can set and the ration or data according to our choice.

Due to the user-friendly data display, anybody may readily view the annual reports, balance sheets, etc. on this page. I frequently use this website to look into a company’s financials, and I’ll also suggest utilising it.

4. Live Mint

This website we can read various blogs and news on the stock market, finances, the economy, politics, science, and sports, among other topics. If you participate in the stock market, you should also regularly keep yourself informed on the most recent news from both India and other countries. This website will keep you informed of all events so that you don’t miss any significant information that might influence your future stock decision. For regular updated in stock market everyone must know about this website also.

5. Money Control

This is complete guide website. We can check all the data and financial report of all listed companies and also can get current global news and data here. We can also get expert suggestion here and can monitor our portfolio with the help of this website.

In this website we can easily find stocks trade volumes, bulk and block deal reports, IPOs, FIIs DIIs data, advance charts etc.

In the Moneycontrol app, we can get the latest Share Market News in Hindi and English related to Indian and Global Financial Markets on our smartphones.

Moneycontrol Stock market news covering multiple assets in BSE, NSE, MCX & NCDEX Exchanges so that we can easily track Indices (Sensex & Nifty), Stocks, Futures, Options, Mutual Funds, Moneycontrol Hindi Commodities and Currencies.

6. The Economic Times

Every investor and begginers must read this news website every day. You can learn complete stock market and update with the current news and market situations. If you are a investor or trader so this website is very helpful for you.

On the Economic Times Market, financial news may be obtained quickly and with trust. Also included are “briefs” for the morning and evening. If you missed the news for the full day, you can easily read about everything that happened here.


It is also must know website for stock market. It this website we can get all the financial data of companies and market current news. In this website we can see real time chart and also can get information about indices, futures, options, analysis, economic calendar, commodities, currencies, bonds, ETFs also.

8. Tickertape

Ujjwal Ankur is Founder & CEO of Tickertape. The Ticker Tape panel is a scrolling piece of information that cycles continually and can include stylized text, photos, and links. Its function is to display data like stock prices, news headlines, and banner ads. You may calculate all the ration and manage your investing strategy with the help of this website.

9. Financial Express

We can read financial blog and check current market price of stocks in this website. We can get information and find latest business news and finance news, share market updates, live stock market news, IPO update, banking and insurance sector updates, blockchain, industries, US stocks also. It is also a good website to get updated in stock market.

Quick Summary

The eight websites that Indian stock market investors absolutely must know about were covered in this article. Revise those sites quickly:

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That concludes this post. The post on “8 websites for Indian stock market investors” is what I wish. If you haven’t already, check out the aforementioned stock analysis websites. In addition, if we overlooked any well-known website names, do remark below. Invest wisely!

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