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Top 15 YouTube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market

In our new stock series, all we are doing is keep updating you, what’s exactly going on in stock market and investing company. As we already know our big printing press such as economics times, The Times of India, Grows, and a lot more English newspapers and blogs keep us update about what’s exactly going in our economic market. But Today through this blog I have a great surprise for those viewers who want to learn Stock Marketing by watching animated and interesting videos. Top 15 You Tube channels to follow for stocks market and Investment.  It for those who wants to invest in stock market but didn’t able to keep themselves updated by reading blogs and daily newspaper. You may learn complete knowledge of stock market with these YouTube Channels.

1. ElearnMarket by Stock Edge:

First in this list we have Elearn Markets. One of the best and well recognized YouTube channels for learning and understanding the Indian Stock Market from the very begging. In their videos they include films on money management, trading stocks, technical analysis, Fundamental analysis. through their videos they try to solves all stocks related doubts of the viewers. They have 600 stock market videos and 798K Subscriber on their channel.

2. Yadnya Investment Academy:

Second in this list we have Yadnya Investment Academy. They have simple investing videos and easy to understand content about Stock Market, Taxes, Mutual Funds and a lot more both in Hindi and English language. They have posted more than 1000 videos and have more than 600k subscriber on their YouTube Channel.

3. Sunil Minglani:

Next in this we have Sunil Minglani. Sunil Miglani has expertise in the psychological elements of the stock market, they give so many tips and tricks to invest in stock market. they have contented related to Stock Market, Munds, Investment advice and a lot more financial tip. They have more then 270 videos and 1M subscriber on their YouTube Channel.

4. Pranjal Kamra:

Next, we have Pranjal Kamra, one of the most famous channels for Stocks and Investment related knowledge. Their channel also known as Finology, they have more than 130 videos related to investing, stocks, financial analysis, mutual funds and behavioral finance. They also provide workshops, seminars, excel tools, advisory and research services.  

5. Asset Yogi:

Asset Yogi is again one of the most popular YouTube channels among all stock’s learner. They try to cover all money, investing, business, and stocks related topics and present them in a very simple manner. Their mission is to increase financial literacy among today’s young generation.  Asset Yogi have more than 3 million subscribers in their Channel.

6. Ghanshyam Tech:

Next in this list we have Ghanshyam Tech, which created by a Mumbai- based trader and stock market instructor Ghanshyam Yadav. They cover Nifty Trading, technical analysis, candlestick patterns, charting software and more helpful and informative `videos. They have more than 1,500 videos and more than 300 Subscriber on their channel.

7. Pushkar Raj Thakur:

Next in this list we have Pushkar Raj Thakur India’s top motivational speaker and business coach. He is well known for his broad expertise in financial education, personal mastery, sales, marketing, sales, marketing, human psychology and business related more updates. He has millions of followers on his YouTube channel, and it is also one the best channel for all stock lovers.

8. Trade Tak:

Next in this list we have trade task YouTube Channel. They have stock market, mutual funds, taxes and other investment possibilities of Indian stock market and financial advice. They also provide stock tips and fundamental and technical analysis on his channel. They have more than 250k Subscriber on their YouTube Channel.

9. Groww:

Our next YouTube is one of the best and popular Stock and Finance related platform Groww. They provide information related to stocks, mutual funds, investment, and all the relevant tips related to investment on this Channel. They have the best financial researcher and investment advice for their old and new viewers. Groww have more than 1 million Subscriber on their channel.

10. CA Rachana Ranade:

CA Rachna Ranade is one of the most demanding and popular YouTube channels for stocks and finance related advice to all the viewers.  They cover all finance related updates on her channel and have more than 3.5 million Subscriber on her YouTube channel.

11. Mukul Agrawal:

Next in this list we have Mukul Agrawal, founder of Agrawal Corporate Investor and Trader, investment and finance Coach, Entrepreneur and Technical Analysis YouTube channel. One of the most demanding and famous channels among young investors. They have more than 1 million followers on their YouTube channel.

12. Akshat Shrivastava:

Next, we have Akshat Shrivastava YouTube channel one of the most helpful channels for all Indian Investors. He covers all Finance, Investment, Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Business-related topics on their channel. He has 1.3 subscriber on their YouTube channel.

13. StockEdge:

Our next channel is one of the most helpful channels for all young investors, Stock Edge. It is stock analytical application for the traders and investors. Their main aim is to promote financial freedom and financial literacy for everyone. They cover all Finance and Stock market updates. they have 732 videos and 124k subscriber on their YouTube channel.

14. Stocks Insight:

One of the most helpful channels for all finance beginners, they provide all related Finance information and stocks updates on their YouTube Channel, but they do not offer any investment advice or suggestion. It is a new channel, and you may learn about fundamental details about listed companies. They have 112 videos and 383 subscribers on their YouTube Channel. 

15. Bazzar Insight:

Last in this list we Bazzar Insight. It was created by Sandip Chakraborty and he says “Money is the center of the Universe and he try to cover each and every money and finance related topics on his channel. He has 758 videos and around 36.7k subscriber on his YouTube channel. 


I hope you found this new stock related updated useful and now you were able to locate topmost and best YouTube Channel for all stock market and finance knowledge.

Article by : Srishty Verma

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